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HOT-66260 HOTBODIES CYCLONE HB 12X Electric On Road 1/12 Car Kit
HOT-66260 HOTBODIES CYCLONE HB 12X Electric On Road 1/12 Car Kit
The Updated 12X Circuit Racer Introducing the latest version of the European Championship-winning Cyclone 12, the 12X! This car is the the result of Andy Moore, Atsushi Hara and the rest of the worldwide Hot Bodies team racing and refining the 2007 & 2008 European Champion Cyclone 12 and turning it into an even better circuit racer! With several all-new parts and many option parts now as standard, the 12X will be the car to beat at clubs and tracks around the world! FRESH RACING UPDATES The 12X features improved parts to make racing tighter, faster, more reliable and stronger! With a number of updates to the front suspension, you will experience great on-track handling as you carve the turns! At the rear, a new one-piece graphite axle replaces the older aluminium axle, plus a new left wheel hub clamp provides easier access to the new ride height mount adapters! We didn't make changes just for the sake of it, however - several of the key components of the Cyclone 12 are carried over to the 12X. We've only improved what racers would appreciate and the track-tested components and ideas implemented by Team Hot Bodies! NEW FRONT SUSPENSION PARTS The front of the 12X is where we made the most changes to the car - they may be hard to spot, but what we have updated will make a huge difference on the track. The basic layout of the 12X front suspension is identical to the Cyclone 12, it's just a few critical parts that are new. The 3-way reactive caster suspension is still in place, with convenient clips to adjust the caster angle. Metal locknuts hold the wheels in place for a secure fit. The hingepin and the kingpin are now the #HB61223 and #HB61224 pieces with ultra-hard titanium nitride coating, which is extremely durable and smooth - this is the same coating on the best drill bits you can find, so you know it's extra-tough! The 12X is also equipped with graphite lower suspension arms (#HB66265), which are lightweight and extremely strong. These arms feature an adjustable ball clamp so you can eliminate slop in the steering, which is critical in 1/12th circuit racing. The newly designed steering knuckles (included with #HB66265) allow you to get a lower ride height and are also easier to fit the new-style axles (#HB66266) to. Finally, the new FRP cross brace (#HB66267) gives you extra steering feel on the track so you can feel more confident on tight and twisty club circuits. For extra front end stiffness you can use the optional #61673 woven graphite front brace instead of the standard FRP version. Option springs for tuning are the #HB61696 0.45mm/5 coil soft spring and the #HB61699 0.55mm/5 coil hard spring. NEW REAR AXLE The new rear axle (#HB66261) is also a completely new design made specifically for the Cyclone 12. It utilises a unique two-piece aluminium design that makes replacing worn or bent parts very easy. The axle is extremely lightweight due to its material and the design of the left and right hubs, and provides direct, efficient transfer of power to the rear wheels. NEW T-BAR MOUNT New for the T-bar is an aluminium mount (#HB66268) that allows you to fix the front of the fibreglass T-bar solidly in place, or let it float freely on specially coated pivot balls. This allows extra suspension feel and traction in all situations when combined with the Cyclone 12 Micro Shock Absorber. The T-bar features 3 separate tweak screw locations for a huge range of adjustability, and two pivot mounts for secure and reliable performance. A woven graphite damper bar secures the rear body posts, battery straps and the damper pads, which control the amount pod action. NEW REAR WHEEL HUBS Also new on the rear axle is a new left wheel hub (#HB66262), which features a simple clamping mechanism, extremely light weight, secure 3-bolt mounting for all popular wheel types and great looks. It allows you to 'set and forget' the rear hubs in place without worrying about anything changing during your racing day. SIMPLE SERVO MOUNT A micro-size servo is held in place with dual posts, angled for perfect steering geometry. Unique Option Mount An option for the 12X is the most unique servo mount ever seen on an electric car: the #HB61645 Cyclone Centre Servo Mount System. To prevent left and right chassis tweak, the servo is mounted exactly in the middle of the chassis using the Hot Bodies Centre Servo Mount. This superb mounting system mounts the servo as low in the chassis as a standard two-piece mount, yet uses a single central mount to attach to the chassis. This gives the driver unparalleled consistency when going through turns, and a distinct advantage over any other chassis design. HINGED BATTERY HOLDER Securing the batteries in place is a one-of-a-kind 'no tools needed' battery strap system that is unique to any RC racing car. The Cyclone 12 uses battery trays and hinged straps to provide you with safe and strong battery security. The battery trays help secure the batteries in place, and allow easy changes of weight distribution forward and backward by simply flipping them 180 degrees. The strap system makes it fast and simple to take out and replace your batteries - no more messing about with sticky and messy tape, no tools to use, and just like the 12x, it's fast! WOVEN GRAPHITE CHASSIS The all-black chassis is set off with just a few selected bits of purple anodized aluminium to give it an ultra-cool sleek racing look. The main chassis is cut from a single sheet of lightweight & stiff 2mm thick woven carbon fibre and has cut-outs for reduced weight at the front end. A wide front bumper is supplied with the kit but is not shown inthese exclusive prototype pictures. The optional #HB61671 2.5mm main chassis is still available for use on extremely high-grip surfaces. TOURING CAR STYLE SHOCK ABSORBER The rear suspension uses an exclusive micro shock that is designed and assembled just like a modern touring car damper - a rubber bladder fits over the top and the bottom cartridge utilises an o-ring seal. The threaded aluminium body also uses screw-on aluminium top and bottom caps to keep everything in place. For extra smoothness and durability, as standard it is now fitted with the #HB61228 titanium nitride coated shock shaft, for extra smoothness and reduced maintenance. Option springs for tuning are the #HB61361 0.9mm/7.5 coil soft spring and the #HB61362 0.9mm/5.5 coil hard spring. REAR POD In the rear, the motor pod is made up of two aluminium sides, carbon fibre bottom brace, carbon fibre damper plate and a solid aluminium tube. This gives you a secure, stiff and reliable rear pod for mounting any type of racing motor. The motor is easy to access and remove from the top, and the pod is large enough to easily fit any brushed or brushless motor. With a large cutout on the left side, all motors are easy to install and remove. New for the 12X are redesigned axle ride height adapters (#HB61694), which allow you to alter the rear ride height of the car for minute handling changes. An option for the lower brace is the #HB61666 finned black aluminium replacement to aid motor cooling and increase rigidity of the rear pod. UNIQUE AERIAL MOUNT Another one-of-a-kind innovation from Team HB is the aerial mount. Setscrews can be used to keep the rollover aerial securely in position, preventing it from coming loose. PERFECT FIT WITH HB BODYSHELLS The 12X is ready to fit any of the range of Moore-speed 1/12th scale bodyshells that are available from Hot Bodies: #HB66832 908 bodyshell is an all-new, high-downforce closed-cockpit design that is ideal for most racers at nearly any track. It features ground-hugging aerodynamics with excellent straight-line stability and superb corner control. A lightweight versions is also available for anyone looking to shave excess grams off their car's weight: #HB66832LW is the part number you want! Also check out the other circuit racer bodyshells from HB: the #HB61730 C12 Mark-1 is ideal for very tight tracks with its high downforce design; the #HB61731 C12 Mark-2 is tuned for large, flowing tracks with its closed cockpit and low drag design; and the #HB61732 C12 Mark-3 is a great compromise between high downforce and low drag. For another high-downforce, closed cockpit design, check out the cool #HB66831 Raynard 02S racing bodyshell, also available in a lightweight version (#HB66831LW). TOP-CLASS PERFORMER The 12S has already shown itself to be a world-class competitive car, by claiming four spots in the A Final at the 2008-2009 IFMAR 1/12th scale World Championships in its debut race - more than ANY other manufacturer that was present! Our worldwide racing team is always at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of performance, expectation and ideals, with the 12X as one of their weapons of choice! Any one of the details we have outlined above gives you the advantage over any other racer, so you can have the confidence, technology and support to take the win - any place, any time! 2007 & 2008 European Champion One of our major claims with the Cyclone 12 is the fact that it stormed the 1/12th scale European Championship title in 2007 and 2008, winning in the hands of Andy Moore and Marc Rheinard, respectively. In the 2008 Championships the Cyclone 12 had a clean sweep of the podium, with Marc in first, Andy in second and Ronald Volker in third! Andy, Marc and Ronald are just three of our top drivers in Europe - there are many more racers that could take the championship trophy at any time. 2008 British Champion Although the European Championships are the top step and every racer's dream win, Team Hot Bodies also does great in National and regional competition as well. For example, winning the BRCA National Championship title is no fluke - in the hands of Andy Griffiths, a Hot Bodies 1/12th scale racer is a weapon to be feared! What this means to you is that when you race the 12X you know you have Team Hot Bodies behind you, supplying you with the best equipment, setup help and information. When you race a Hot Bodies car, you race with the team! #HB66260 12X 1/12th scale circuit racer kit with complete instruction manual
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