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VBC-D-05-VBC-0075 VBC Racing Flash04 Formula 1 Car Kit D-05-VBC-0075
VBC-D-05-VBC-0075 VBC Racing Flash04 Formula 1 Car Kit D-05-VBC-0075
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VBC-D-05-VBC-0075 VBC Racing Flash04 Formula 1 Car Kit D-05-VBC-0075VBC Racing introduces the ultimate formula chassis car kit, the Flash04. It is the most completely upgrade car kit in the market, with all the hop up parts included. The Flash04 is made from top of the line materials like all air-craft grade 7075 aluminium, 100%USA graphite parts, ceramic differential balls, carbon fiber rear shaft and newly formulated composite injection moulding parts. It's a fully upgraded kit! Flash04 features 7075 double crank ball bearing steering system, full 7075 aluminium rear pod with 7075 rear motor bottom plate to improve motor heat dissipation(photo incorrect), fully adjustable servo mount for vertical or horizontal servo layout, height adjustable front arm mount, 7075 friction damper tube, adjustable front camber/caster with 4mm 7075 camber links, rear left 7075 clamp type wheel hub, rear height adjustable system(Team CRC innovation), 64pitch spur(Xenon Racing), 7075 anodised wheel nuts, 7075 body posts. Flash04 is compatible with F104 type front/rear spoilers, body shell, foam or rubber tires and wheels. Key features: - 100% USA graphite parts with 3mm main chassis - 7075 rear motor bottom plate - Carbon fiber rear shaft - Height adjustable rear shaft (Team CRC innovation) - Height adjustable front arm mount - Adjustable 4mm 7075 front camber link - Adjustable front caster - 7075 Dual crank steering system with ball bearings - Fully adjustable servo mount - VBC Racing 7075 center shock - 7075 differential hub with ceramic diff balls - 7075 M4 wheel nuts - Height adjustable rear wing mount - 7075 body post x 3 - 7075 clamp type rear left wheel hub - 96T 64pitch Xenon Racing spur gear This car kit does not include front/rear spoilers, body shell, tires and wheels.
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Price: 165.00
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