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SMT-112 Slapmaster Brush Cavity Tool
SMT-112 Slapmaster Brush Cavity Tool
If you like to use a cavity or a hole in the center of a brush to further tune your motor, this might just be the easiest tool to use on the market. It will work with upright or laydown brushes.

The tool comes with two bits to work with:
#53 (.0595") or 1.5mm and #49 (.073") or 1.85mm.

The bits are finger operated, no power tools required. Simply lay the brush in the slot, hold it down with your thumb, select the bit size, insert it into the hole & twist away for a perfectly centered hole in the end of your brush. The pilot shaft on the bit fits into the brush jig without wearing out the jig. The brush tool is small so it will not take up valuable space in your pit box.
Price: 17.99
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