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SMT-114 Brush Cavity II Tool Set
SMT-114 Brush Cavity II Tool Set
Slapmaster Tools
Created by Brian Bodine, with over 22 years of on-road racing experience, for the purpose of developing great R/C accessories and tools. These products have been designed, then tested on the racing circuit and refined for the racer who wants that critical edge on their competition. Whether it is a part to improve a current design, a specialty tool tool to speed up adjustments or that hard to find hardware. Rest assured that it was developed: "because you need it and don't know it"!

SMT 114-Brush Cavity II Tool Set

If you like to use a cavity or a hole in the center of a brush to further tune your motor, this might just be the easiest tool to use on the market. It will work with upright or laydown AND Checkpoint brushes. The tool comes with two bits to work with: #53 (.0595") or 1.5mm and #49 (.073") or 1.85mm.

The bits are finger operated, no power tools required. Simply lay the brush in the slot, hold it down with your thumb, select the bit size, insert it into the hole & twist away for a perfectly centered hole in the end of your brush. The pilot shaft on the bit fits into the brush jig without wearing out the jig. The brush tool is small so it will not take up valuable space in your pit box.

The cavity in the brush creates more "edges"... like serrations do. Power is transferred better when there are sharp edges . The cavity decreases friction between the brush and comm. By reducing surface contact area and it increases brush pressure on the comm. which often increased torque (higher amp draw) When your serrations go away... you can cavity the brush and it basically feels like you have serrations again. USUALLY is a very key word there when using a cavity brush your results may be different. Our best suggestion is to experiment and find what works for you and your application. I think you will find a brush cavity tool is in most of the fast guys pit boxes and now you can achieve the same tuning advantage at a reasonable cost in both terms of $$$ and in pit space used.

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