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AMC-001 Team Losi Carbon Fibre Losi Mini 8ight Pro Chassis
New 2.5mm chassis with moulded front end kick up
Price: 39.99
INT-C23058BLUE Alloy Droop Gauge + Ride Height Gauge for Mini, Micro 1/18 w/ Droop Stands 20mm C23058BLUE

Price: 7.99

INT-C23058GUN Alloy Droop Gauge + Ride Height Gauge for Mini, Micro 1/18 w/ Droop Stands 20mm C23058GUN

Price: 7.99
INT-IP-(40C)CC2S1600 IP 1600mAh 40C LiPo Hard Case 7.4V Battery Pack w/ 3.5mm Type Plug 87x32x19mm IP-(40C)CC2S1600

Price: 19.99
Out of Stock


Price: 8.99
LOS-LOSB0805  LOSI Mini 8ight LST2 LSR3000 DSM Transmitter by Losi

Price: 42.99

LOS-LOSB0883 LOSI Mini 8ight Servo

Price: 24.99
LOS-LOSB1328 LOSI Mini 8IGHT Painted Body Set, Black

Price: 16.99

LOS-LOSB1329 LOSI Mini 8ight Clear Body Set

Price: 16.99
LOS-LOSB1335  LOSI Mini 8ight Wing Set

Price: 5.99

LOS-LOSB1860 LOSI Mini 8ight Hardware Set

Price: 8.99
LOS-LOSB1861 LOSI Mini 8ight Pinion Gear 10T

Price: 5.99

LOS-LOSB1862 LOSI Mini 8ight Pinion Gear 12T

Price: 5.99
LOS-LOSB1863 LOSI Mini 8ight Pinion Gear 14T

Price: 5.99

LOS-LOSB1864 LOSI Mini 8ight Pinion Gear 16T

Price: 5.99
LOS-LOSB1867 LOSI Mini 8ight Front CV Driveshaft Set (2)

Price: 19.99

LOS-LOSB1869 LOSI Mini 8ight TiNi TITANIUM Hinge Pin Set

Price: 11.99
LOS-LOSB1870 LOSI Mini 8ight Aluminium Servo Mount

Price: 11.99

LOS-LOSB1873 LOSI Mini 8ight Sway Bar Set

Price: 20.99
LOS-LOSB1874 LOSI Mini 8ight Carbon Fibre Front Shock Tower

Price: 9.39

LOS-LOSB1875 LOSI Mini 8ight Carbon Fibre Chassis Brace

Price: 20.99
LOS-LOSB1876 LOSI Mini 8ight Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower

Price: 11.09

LOS-LOSB1877  LOSI Mini 8ight Aluminium Rear Hub Set

Price: 28.99
LOS-LOSB1878 LOSI Mini 8ight Aluminium Carrier Set

Price: 36.99

LOS-LOSB1879 LOSI Mini 8ight Aluminium Spindle Set

Price: 30.99
LOS-LOSB1885 LOSI Mini 8ight Aluminium Front Suspension Mount Set

Price: 20.99

LOS-LOSB1886 LOSI Mini 8ight Front/Rear Suspension Arm Set

Price: 6.79
LOS-LOSB1887 LOSI Mini 8ight Spindle - Hub - Carrier Set

Price: 6.79

LOS-LOSB1888 LOSI Mini 8ight Suspension Mount Set

Price: 4.99
LOS-LOSB1889 LOSI Mini 8ight Mounted Front Mini King Pin Wheels and Tyres

Price: 8.99

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